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Customer Testimonials

Here is what our customers have to say about La Fonda Boutique Hotel, Restaurant and Bar:

“So a couple of you guys have asked about this weekend’s trip to Mexico. I can not stress enough how comfortable, relaxing, and safe we all felt. We stayed and ate La Fonda Hotel and Spa, which was wonderful, and I highly recommend. The owners were most gracious hosts, and we loved everything they exposed us to. Their daughters are the best tour guides.

Being cautious and hesitant, we drove to the border, and the hotel shuttle picked us up on the Tijuana side. I haven’t been to Mexico in 13 years and have missed it tremendously. I haven’t been able to convince anyone to go. I can't believe how much has changed. It still has its wild flavor, but a fate or new developments and much cleaner along the old scenic highway from Rosarito to the La Fonda resort near Hwy 58. Maybe since the "dirty Americans" are not visiting and trashing the place, the resorts seem to be catering to a more respectful and "mature" crowd.

We purchased the "romantic weekend package" $275 for two people, which included a bottle of wine with dinner, breakfast on Saturday, couples massage, with Jacuzzi and champagne, and their famous Sunday brunch. We had an amazing lobster and filet dinner that was so big we had to share. The music and dancing kept us playing all night till we were lulled to sleep by the sound of the waves and the fresh ocean breeze floating in though our oceanfront rooms.

The shuttle took us back on Sunday, which we were dreading, first to be leaving, second to have to wait in line at the boarder after they dropped us off. There is now a Sentri Pass that you can apply for through the government for about $ 200 and is good for seven years. This allows you to basically fly through the boarder without having to wait in line. So worth it. None of our group had the pass, but somehow we were approached to pay $5 a person to get in a bus and shuttle to the front of the vehicle line. Our total time at the boarder was about 45 minutes. It happened to be the Rosarita to Ensenada bike race and so probably would have been more like two or three hours with the crouds if we didn't take the gamble or the bus. We figured if they didn't make us where black masks in the van we were all good. Mom, you should have stopped reading about a paragraph ago. Next time I go, I will just drive and not take the shuttle so we can bring surfboards and take a drive to Ensenada. Really it was all quite safe and a fun experience.

Now for the statistics. I bet none of you knew I really am kinda cautious and like my numbers. The crime rate in Rosarito and the surrounding area is the lowest it has been since it started recording it in 2000. From what I can tell, there are about seven crimes reported per day in the area. Costa Mesa has an average or 32 a day. Most of the horror stories we heard about from the media occurred in 2008-2010. Tourism, dropped by 70 percent during that time. Tourism is now back, but not by the Americans. We are still all being fed by the media how dangerous it is and are scaredy cats. Most of the tourist are now Canadian and South Americans. We're with a few people along our walk who were Australian and Hungarian and laughed at our hesitation.

I share all of this with a bit of hesitation also, since I cause this place all to myself and don’y want to see the dirty American back there spoiling the place, but I hope you guys do take the opportunity to see for yourself what We have all been missing. Thanks again Shawnee & Gary for a wonderful experience! Can't wait to do it all again! “40 minutes travel, but a world away.” - Mikelle Fish

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“Staying here will help bring you down to normalcy. If you are looking for a place to unwind and disconnect from the hectic life most of us live, La Fonda is the place to go. Time is of no importance here, only enjoying each others company over some good food and drink. Maybe a walk on the beach. Words do not do this place justice. You have to experience it for yourself. The Sunday brunch is out of this world!”

“Wonderful Hotel.”

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“I really enjoyed my stay at La Fonda Hotel. I like that the rooms are all different and creatively decorated. The staff is friendly and accommodating. It is an all around wonderful experience. I plan to return.”

“My new favorite escape!”

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“I went here for the first time in August for my brother's wedding, and I fell in love with the place. I will absolutely come back whenever I can. Everyone was so friendly, the food was great, and I slept great. Everyone in our group wants to go back and do it again. It is a magical little spot that I am so happy to know about. Truly an escape.”

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“Well, for years I have heard about La Fonda. So my La Fonda journey began years ago when my girlfriend and I decided to head to Ensenada for a long weekend. During our travels south we spotted the sign for La Fonda and decided to stop for dinner. It was so incredibly wonderful that we went to Ensenada and spent one night there and then immediately changed our lodging reservations and returned back to La Fonda. From that point forward, we spent the rest of our time in Mexico at La Fonda. We were ushered to a quaint little ocean view casita. We enjoyed our second dinner and were delighted with our choice to make La Fonda our temporary home. I cannot tell you how sweet the owners, Gary and Shawnie are! They were gracious, helpful and knowledgeable hosts and their staff were equally gracious. To top off our fabulous weekend, we enjoyed their Sunday brunch that was out of this world. No need to stop anywhere else when traveling in Northern Baja!”

“La Fonda stole our heart!

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“Best/most memorable vacation in a long time.”

“I can honestly say that my trip to La Fonda in August for my friend's wedding will probably always be remembered as one of the best, even if short, vacations of my life. The hotel was beautiful, the staff was awesome, food/drinks amazing, rooms rad, etc etc, I have not one bad thing to say about my time there. Will definitely choose La Fonda Resort for my next rip out to that area. La Fonda somehow managed to make an already exceptional occasion even more amazing than it already was.”

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“Charming. Unique. A must-try hotel boutique.”

“I have been visiting the La Fonda Hotel and Restaurant off and on for 15 years, and I can emphatically say there is nowhere quite like it anywhere. So much so, that I have invited 150 of my closet friends and family to attend my nuptials there next summer, much to the grimaced faces of some of my guests. Beyond the charm, eclectic rooms, festive restaurant and gorgeous views lies a peace and almost silence that is hard to find. Not to say that the Mariachi music isn't addictively loud or that the clanking glasses from too many toasts can't be heard, rather it is the quiet undercurrent that flows around this little beach nook that can make the most uptight of people lean back further into the chair, let their hair down a little lower and breathe a meditative ‘ahhhh’ unintentionally out loud. I hear many Americans voice concern about whether Mexico is safe, and these are valid concerns. But I am a firm believer that our country isn't always so safe either and sometimes facing a fear is part of the adventure and part of the charm. Sure, your room may come complete with a stain on the curtain, carved initials in the Spanish brick walls lathered in cement and you may even feel wobbly on your wooden deck, but then again, that is also part of La Fonda's personality. Rough around the edges with a creamy rich center so decadent it would need to be imported in one of those foo-foo boxes from abroad. It certainly has its imperfections, but that is also why I love it. I have experienced some of the best memories at this hidden Mexican surf town and hopefully many more to come. To anyone debilitated by fear about crossing the border, I understand. But if you're more inclined to step outside of your comfort zone, experience another culture rich in passion, dance the night away under the tiki roof with chili pepper lights and have the time of your life, then this may be the perfect getaway for you. As for me, I'll meet you there.”

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“We have now been to La Fonda’s 4 times. Much easier to get to than I would have thought, and just a few miles from Rosarito for shopping and night life. The hotel is located on a cliff side and the mesmerizing sound of waves crashing lulled us to sleep at night. The restaurant was amazing with buffet breakfasts that made me wish I could eat more. Dinner on the patio had local selections of seafood and traditional Mexican fare while Paco strummed his guitar. Alex, the manager, made everyone in our group feel like family. My favorite part though, was the band and dancing! There are not enough places like La Fonda that offer a full beach experience at such an affordable price. The whole getaway is unforgettable and it will be a place that we return to again and again” - . Marilyn Newton, Lake Arrowhead, CA

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